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Past Program Support from CFSQP and Growing Forward - AAFC

Agriculture and Agri-food Canada has provided funding assistance to the development and implementation of the national on-farm food safety programs since 1997. 

The Canadian Food Safety and Quality Program: On-Farm Food Safety Systems Development Component was administered by the Canadian Federation of Agriculture.  It was a producer-led, industry/government partnership that provided national commodity groups with the opportunity to develop the strategies and the necessary tools to educate producers and to implement national on-farm food safety initiatives consistent with the Codex Alimentarius' Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) definitions and principles and with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency's On-Farm Food Safety Recognition Program.

The development of the Canadian Approach to On-Farm Food Safety has been jointly funded by the federal government and farmers through their national producer organizations.  Other stakeholders including the provincial and territorial governments, colleges and universities and downstream and upstream industry partners have also contributed significantly.

As of March 31, 2011, federal funding for the Canadian On-Farm Food Safety (COFFS) Working Group ended; however, partial funding for individual national producer organizations’ on-farm food safety programs continues.

National producer organizations continue to support the Canadian approach, and they are collaborating to continue the important work of the COFFS Working Group.  The membership of COFFS acknowledges the federal government’s support of this partnership, which furthered the progress of on-farm food safety in Canada, and without which many of the achievements would not have been realized. These achievements include communication of the primary agriculture sector’s commitment to food safety, and cooperation on multicommodity projects that have benefited all groups.


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