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Symposium on Canadian Food Safety


8:30am -Dawn Lawrence
Overview/The Canadian Approach to to On-Farm Food Safety

9:00 - Heather Gale/ Canadian Horticultural Council
Developing an On-Farm Food Safety Program - Horticulture

9:30 - Bill Lang / Canadian Quality Milk Coordinator
Implementing an On-Farm Food Safety Program

10:30 - Justin Sherwood / Cdn Council of Grocery Distributors
Developing a HACCP - Based Food Safety Program

11:00 - Heather Holland / Canadian Producer Marketing Assoc.
Implementing the Repacking and Wholesale Food Safety Program for Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

11:30 -Warren Smandych/ Canadian Food Inspection Agency
Official Recognition of HACCP-Based Programs

Symposium Abstract
The Canadian approach to food safety along the supply chain is emerging as a unique combination of HACCP in registered establishments (e.g., meat processing, dairy, etc.), national, industry-led HACCP-based programs for non-registered establishments in many of the other segments of the chain, and official recognition of these programs based on agreements amongst the federal, provincial and territorial governments. The symposium will emphasize the activity in the non-registered sphere which is led by national industry associations in partnership with government. This activity currently involves the development of 30 national commodity-specific HACCP-based on-farm food safety programs and more than a dozen similar programs for other segments of the supply chain from input suppliers to final marketers at retail. While HACCP-based programs are being developed in other countries, no where else is there such a broad involvement of the supply chain or such a high degree of collaboration. Finally, what makes the Canadian approach unique is the agreement by the federal, provincial and territorial governments to develop and implement an official recognition process for these national schemes that assesses both the technical soundness of the industry “standards/requirements” and their administrative effectiveness (overall management system, auditor training, certification scheme administration, etc.). The symposium will provide conference participants with an introduction to an approach that could easily be adapted to other national circumstances.
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