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The Canadian On-Farm Food Safety Working Group (formerly known as the CFA Working Group on Accreditation Issues) was formed in October 1998 by the national commodity groups and general farm organizations as a forum for research into and the collaborative development of initiatives related to the national commodity-specific on-farm food safety programs and the Canadian approach to on-farm food safety. 

The objective of the COFFS Working Group was to work so that farmers would have available to them a Canadian approach to on-farm food safety that is composed of officially recognized, national, commodity-specific, auditable, HACCP-based on-farm food safety programs that are consistent, affordable and meet the requirements of both the Canadian and international marketplaces and such other supportive elements as are required to ensure its credibility and sustainability.

To fulfill its mandate, the COFFS Working Group:

  • met regularly and conducted conference calls as necessary;
  • provided advice to the Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and its agents on the administration of federal funding for food safety programs;
  • liaised with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, the Federal/Provincial/Territorial
    Agri-food Inspection Committee and its’ subcommittee on on-farm food safety, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Health Canada and other government bodies on policy, research and other matters related to on-farm food safety;
  • monitored and reported upon emerging issues related to on-farm food safety;
  • monitored and reported upon emerging international trends in on-farm food safety;
  • provided input into Canada’s international positions related to on-farm food safety (e.g. Codex Alimentarius Commission, Food and Agriculture Organization, World Health Organization, International Organization of Standardization, etc);
  • promoted Canadian understanding of the Canadian approach to on-farm food safety; and,
  • promoted the international acceptance of the Canadian approach to on-farm food safety.
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